Time, memory or Godot?

Published on 03/19/2016

In this story, everything revolves round. Time passes without passing. Repeats itself without repeating itself. The memory of the things and events is not the same for each. Have we well perceived, understood what happens to us? Is it important to understand?  This classic is beautifully served by the actors - impeccable! And a staging of high precision. A special mention to the decor of François Séguin - beautiful hourglass where the characters are trapped, and shells that their time and their days.  

Directed by François Girard, with Benoît Brière, Alexis Martin, Pierre Lebeau, Emmanuel Schwartz (amazing!) and Mounia Zahzam. All exceptional.

Website of the TNM

Article of Jim Burke in The Gazette on March 18: Style and spectacle in Robert Lepage’s Quills and François Girard’s Godot


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