A crazy remake of Shrek

Published on 12/03/2018

Take the time to watch this movie trailer. A complete delirium, a patchwork of artistic creations, an art mosaic. The film is identical to the original ... or almost. Each of the 200 artists has taken a piece and recreated it in his own way, bringing his paw and technique. Everything from 2D or 3D animation to live or still images for a delirious result.

A wonderful way to make known these independent artists, unknown to the general public. The initiative was launched by Grant Duffrin, creator of Shrek Fest ...

The film will be on youtube soon.

Here is the trailer for Shrek retold

And the movie !!!! Shrek Retold ...


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- Le Monde:Un remake délirant de "Shrek" réalisé par 200 artistes



Ha ha! Déjanté. Je n'ai pas regardé de façon assidue, c'était un peu étourdissant, mais quel beau projet!

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