It's "All that Jazz" !!!

Published on 02/22/2019

Roxie Hart, who dreams of fame, killed her lover and finds herself in prison. Mama's here to do the artistic promotion of her daughters, and Velma Kelly, who killed her sister, isn't really happy to see this new starlet steal the spotlight. The flamboyant lawyer Billy Flynn manages its lucrative business and defends its clients depending on the moment of fame that he managed to provoke by manipulating the media. But Roxy is willing to do anything to not stay in the shadows...

The decor is superb, simple, the orchestra – excellent – is in the middle of the stage, and we, spectators, attend a cabaret, as in a jazz club, with dancers, feathers, and choreographies occupying all the space. We are warned from the beginning of the show, all the values we love there will be: murder, adultery, corruption, violence, swindle, falsehood, treason....

It is an explosive cocktail beautifully led by two excellent artists, a troupe of talented dancers, and the delicious Billy. Everything is perfect, fluid, captivating. You don't get bored for a minute of the 2:30 that lasts the show. It's All that Jazz ! »

Chicago, the Musical, at the Mogador Theater, until 30 June 2019


Chicago at the Mogador Theater

Chicago – the Broadway musical

Chicago - the movie



Une très bonne comédie musicale. Je regrette la traduction du texte, même s'il reste fluide et plutôt fidèle. Les danseurs, chanteurs et orchestre sont formidables. La scène est peut-être un peu petite. On y passe tout de même un moment fabuleux!

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