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  • Inconnu à cette adresse au TNM


    A friendship caught in the turmoil of the rise of Nazism. Illusions, disillusionment. Vanity. Wrongheaded. Destruction. This happened in 1932. This could happen today.  

    "Inconnu à cette adresse" at the TNM from June 14 to 26

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  • Festival Trans-Amériques, it's on May 26 !


    The Festival Trans-Amériques will surprise you again this year with a great program of dance and theater shows. Have a look!

    Festival Trans-Amériques, from May 26 to June 8, 2016

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    Live the history of the Quebec of the 60s and 70s and memories of Robert Lepage, soak you to the themes of memory and the theatre, fit with the author to learn this poem Speak White, and shiver by listening to this unforgettable poem...

    Staging involves the Viewer. Intimacy, complicity and reminder of our memories are on the menu.

    The TNM presents "887" by and with Robert Lepage, until June 8, 2016.

    In French.

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  • Time, memory or Godot?


    "En attendant Godot" ("Waiting for Godot") is the story of time and memory that play us tricks, and with which everyone arranges his way...  

    "En attendant Godot", at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde in Montreal, March 1 to 31 2016

    Site of the TNM

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  • Race is played at Duceppe - nothing is black or white ...


    A rich white man is accused of the rape of a black woman. Two lawyers, one white and the other black, accompanied by their black Assistant, must decide - and then decide - to defend the accused. Not more was needed for David Mamet to embark on a hearing on race and racism, gender, law, justice, juries, received ideas... The words abound, the pace is sustained. The question is not whether the accused is guilty...  

    The translation of the text and staging support the words and ideas, the actors make them live. A lot of talent.

    Website of the play Race at the Theater Duceppe.

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  • The Theatre de la Manufacture presents "Les Événements" at La Licorne


    Le Théâtre de La Manufacture will initiate 2016 with the play LES ÉVÉNEMENTS written by the Scotish author David Greig (Yellow MoonMidsummer),  and staged by Denis Bernard. The play is in french, translated by Maryse Warda. Two comedians, Johanna Nutter and Emmanuel Schwartz, accompanied by a choir of 9 singers, will tell us the story ...

    From January 12 to February 20.

    Website of the play "Les Événements"

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