Work with us 

Whether you are an artist, an independent instructor, or a school, it is with pleasure that we will work together.

The benefits of working with the La Salamandre Art Center:

  •          The courses are sold according to your requirements on the website.
  •          We take care of everything: manage online, advertising, registration, billing, payment fees, the follow-up after the course, the promotion to re-register. You pay nothing, we assume all of these costs.
  •          There is no exclusivity, no competition clause.
  •          Our site is optimized and can reach a maximum of target population, so a wide audience and more visibility.
  •          You get students that you would not have found without us.
  •          We are paid to the performance by taking a commission on sales. No hidden fees.

This partnership costs you nothing and you get new customers.


If you are interested in working with us:

then we invite you to contact us via the contact form , the 514-692-9809, or the We will be happy to contact you, to explain our mode of operation, and to meet you.

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