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Welcome to the La Salamandre Art center,


The La Salamandre Art Center is a family business, born of our passion for all the arts, and created in Montreal, Quebec, in February 2008.

Originally set up in a beautiful space in Outremont, the La Salamandre Art Center consisted of two classrooms, an art gallery and five artists' studios, and offered lessons in fine arts and arts applied to all enthusiasts, amateurs, and curious to learn.

The first collaborations with artists professors, whose center marketed the courses in their workshop, made it evolve towards the internet platform that you know. This unique formula of courses in artists' studios, closer to the artists, immediately attracted. Then, with this success and passion, it’s offer was extended, initially, to other disciplines, including dance, music, and capoeira.

Today, the La Salamandre Art Center is present in Greater Montreal and the Paris Region, markets courses for small schools, artists, teachers, and independent instructors, and offers courses in many disciplines, ranging from visual arts to martial arts, through the performing arts, dance, music, chess, ... This palette is intended to expand over the months. We work on it with pleasure and dynamism.

The motto has not changed in 10 years. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or confirmed, the La Salamandre Art Center offers excellent teaching in a warm and friendly environment that promotes personal growth. Courses are categorized by discipline so you can make an informed and easy choice by comparing them for the same activity without having to navigate between different sites. Each course is presented in the same way so that you can compare and find the desired information quickly.

Every school, every teacher, was met personally, every place visited. We have attended many of these courses, we have followed a few. Each course registered on the site is selected for the quality of its teacher, the place, and the education provided.

We have a lot of fun to meet these teachers who pass on their passion, and wish to share the places that we find. We hope you find your happiness too, by finding at the La Salamandre Art Center, the course you are looking for, near you ...


Why The Salamander?

It was during a long weekend in September 2007 in the Loire Valley that the name of our company came to us. We had decided to have a family "brainstorm"... A day of discoveries at Clos Lucé, the climb of the spiral staircase of the Château de Chambord ... the name became obvious, and we placed our project under the protection of this mythical and mysterious animal, emblem of Francis 1st, initiator of the French Renaissance, protector of Leonardo da Vinci, symbol of arts and creativity.

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